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2019-2020 Charitable Donations.

Our first year has been emotional and heartwarming. Through our supporters and volunteers, we were able to create and sell car decals, memorial bracelets and were able to hold the

1st Annual  La vita è bella Memorial 5K.

Thanks to your generous donations and support throughout 2019 and 2020, the Nicole Dondero Memorial Fund has helped so many in need. Your support has fed hungry students (BSU Food Pantry program), supported the homeless shelter where Nicole volunteered (The Conway House) and provided care for animals in shelters (Dartmouth Humane Society and the Lakeville Animal Shelter). Two Scholarships have been established at Bridgewater State University for students majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology. The Nicole Dondero Memorial Fund has supported teenage girls who are struggling with abuse and addiction (Teen Challenge Bloom Home for Girls) and made a wish come true for a child who is suffering from a lifetime illness (Make A Wish Foundation). We have donated to Saint Jude and will be making a donation to Nicole's Cosmetology shop at Old Colony High School soon.

We want to extend special thanks to everyone who has spent endless hours contributing to the success of our fundraisers. The Nicole Dondero Memorial Fund is thriving as a result of your love for Nicole. The Dondero family is honored and overwhelmed by your love, support and generosity throughout this past year.

Nicole would be proud that we are all working together to keep her memory alive and continue her legacy. Remember to say her name often, as she is looking down on us all, smiling her beautiful smile.

With love and gratitude,

The Dondero Family

Nicole Dondero Memorial Fund

“La vita è bella” Life is beautiful

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I was proud to accept a donation today on behalf of the L.A.S from the Nicole Dondero Memorial Fund. Nicole was a remarkable young lady who was taken from this earth way to soon from a automobile accident. Nicole was quite the animal lover who on one occasion scooped up a injured turkey and put it in the back of her car where the turkey promptly hid under the seat. Nicole called her mom and told her she had a turkey hiding under the seat of her car that she was bringing home for Mom to save. By the time I arrived the turkey was no longer!! I ask her mom if she wanted to keep it, but that idea seemed more appalling than appealing. I will say in closing that I was one of the lucky ones to have know Nicole the animal lover who plucked more dogs out of the road and brought to the shelter for saving. I'm pretty sure when I pass thru them gates someday she will be waiting there with a stray of some kind, until then R.I.P.


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Picking up the Turkey from the road
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