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On May 22, 2023 Caitlin Cleverly from Plymouth Ma was released from the Dartmouth House Of Corrections after serving a very short 9 months for killing our 21 year old daughter Nicole Dondero on November 8, 2019. Cleverly dragged our family through the court system for 33 months with a NOT GUILTY plea before she accepted a GUILTY plea (asking for NO jail time) for vehicular homicide on August 18, 2022.

Caitlin Cleverly tried to be paroled from jail on January 19, 2023, clearly 5 months was all she thought she deserved for killing our daughter on her way to buy drugs. At the parole hearing Cleverly stated that she was speeding (77 in a 40 mph) fighting with her boyfriend, and blew the red light on their way to buy Fentanyl when she killed Nicole. She showed no remorse at the hearing, when asked why she dragged our pain out for 33 months she said it was easier, the board even suggested she take an empathy class because she had no empathy and showed no remorse.

Clearly the state of MA felt that 9 months was long enough for Cleverly to be locked up. Cleverly is now home to resume her life with her family and children. She is required to serve 90 days on home confinement (more like a vacation to most) sporting an ankle monitoring bracelet for the animal she is.

We bumped into someone before Clevery’s release who stated that Cleverly did nothing wrong. She wasn’t even driving. Lies and denial is all she knows! Don’t fall for any of it. She has a history and it’s not pretty. She has never been a good citizen or a good mother. The state took her kids as Cleverly took mine. Google her, she has been arrested for driving on a suspended license before and she will do it again. She has lost her license for 15 years. If you see her, report her. She did not have an accident. She committed a crime.

I have been asked if I could feel any differently about what happened and about Cleverly. My answer remains, nothing will ever bring back Nicole but helping others in Nicoles memory helps to soften the heartache, emptiness and pain we feel everyday. As far as Cleverly goes, things may have been different but she chose to cause additional havoc in our broken lives for years after our loss. I believe that there are both good and bad people in this world and Caitlin Cleverly is not one of the good ones.




On August 18, 2022 CAITLIN CLEVERLY of Plymouth MA Pled GUILTY to VEHICULAR HOMICIDE due to negligence for killing our beautiful daughter Nicole Dondero.

Cleverly was was traveling 77mph in a 40mph zone when she blew the red light causing the death of our 21 year old daughter Nicole. The judge sentenced Cleverly to 2 years with 1 year to serve, the balance suspended for 2 years with the first 90 days under ankle bracelet home confinement. In addition a statutory (15 years) drivers license revocation.

Although she received a very lenient deal Cleverly is now a guest at the Dartmouth House of Corrections.


We want to thank everyone for your continued supported to our family over the past 33 months. We look forward to the many fundraising events that we will continue to do in Nicole's honor. 

Much appreciation

La vita è Bella


Family & Friends, 


We are excited to share that the Nicole Dondero Memorial Fund has been approved as a recognized 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. 


This is an exciting way for us to wrap up the 2021 year. Fundraising,  Partnerships, Donations and  Grants...the possibilities are now endless. Our mission with this charitable foundation is to provide financial assistance to elevate children and animals in need through collaborative fundraising events. Through these activities the Memorial Fund will continue to advance the legacy of Nicole Dondero’s philanthropic passions. If you made a monetary donation to the foundation in 2021, your contribution is retroactively tax-deductible. Please find the Tax Donation form with the EIN Number under the Donate page. Simply add your donation value, print and bring along with you when filing your 2021 Tax Return and please let us know if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your continued support. Our family is blessed to have thoughtful people like you aiding us on this journey., 

The Dondero Family 

We wanted to share this beautiful gift and honor we received from Bridgewater State University. Nicole truly loved BSU inside and out. Her classes, teachers, the campus and all of the students. Nicole worked so hard at school, always wanting to do her best and continue her education. She was smart and she knew it, but she also knew she had to work hard to reach all of her goals and fulfill her dreams. We are so very proud of Nicole and thankful to her schools. for the wonderful education and motivation to succeed, which was instilled within her.  
Graduation D.jpg

On July 30, 2021 we proudly accepted Nicole's Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice during the BSU commencement ceremony at Gillette Stadium. Nicole worked so hard for 4 years and couldn't wait to begin a Masters program. She wasn't sure of her life's journey but her driving force was to conquer the things which were wrong in the world by helping as many people as she could along the way. Nicole should have been there for graduation but tragedy got in the way! Our hearts were heavy and we were blessed to have our closest friends and family with us.Graduation was bittersweet and we were proud and honored to walk in her place.

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