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The Conway House

The Conway House Homeless Shelter had a special place in Nicoles heart. She would spend her time there as a children's volunteer trying to put a smile on everyones faces as she helped them with arts and crafts and took them outside to play..She looked forward to going there each week and coming home to share the stories of the kids. 


The Conway House was an easy donation choice. In 2022 we were looking to do something differnt to do at the shelter. When we heard there was a lack of chairs for the dining tables and the ones they had were in bad condition in only made sence to buy more and replace the broken ones they had. 

in 2022 we donated a dozen kitchen chairs. We plan to donate high chairs soon!

Dear Julie,

I can't tell you how much your visit meant to me today . Thank you so much for everything, thank you for the dining chairs, thank you for your donation, thank you four your good heart, thank you for your son and your hustband for helping, but most of all Thank God for your beautiful angel Nicole, all of this is possible because of her.

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